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1st August 2020 @ 12pm.

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David Yun
I really struggled with answering the questions in my exams. Kaizen held exam practice sessions which taught me great techniques. I now feel more prepared in to going in to my exams
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Angela Simmons
Me and my sister are both students at Kaizen. We enjoy going to class as we feel we can ask the tutors any questions and they are happy to answer.
Mustafa Hussain
I have been going to Kaizen for over 8 weeks now. My grades have increased and I can not be more thankful to Kaizen who gave me the confidence to grow. 
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Free Revision Workshop
Kaizen’s complementary live revision workshop aims to introduce techniques which will improve your child’s revision process across all subjects. Some of the points covered are: - Effective time management - How to recall essential knowledge - Memorisation skills These techniques are applicable to all subjects and all stages of life! Join us on 1st August 2020 @ 12pm
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Our workshop is suitable for all GCSE students and children aged 11-16 years old. We are experienced teachers and tutors who have proven track record of providing engaging lessons and a personalised learning experience. Join us to get a taste of the Kaizen way.
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